Are you having a holiday party, wedding reception, graduation party, birthday party, or other special event? Kevin will work personally with you to customize a show that will meet the needs of you and your guests. Be the envy of your friends and neighbors by providing them with one-of-a-kind entertainment that they’ll never forget!
From your company’s annual holiday party to an event to impress your most important clients, Kevin understands how valuable your employees and clients are.

He will join you at your hospitality suite, trade show, sales meeting, or other event and make it a time to remember! He will even work with you to include your company name, logo, and core message in his routines!



Ideal for cocktail mixers and other gatherings, Kevin will mingle with your guests, showing them miracles that happen inches from their eyes and in their own hands! Rubber bands will visibly melt through each other, thoughts will be read, and a playing card will EAT another card! Even the most skeptical viewer will be blown away!

This intimate form of entertainment provides a lively atmosphere and promotes conversation. Strolling magic is wonderful as an evening’s primary entertainment and can also be used as a great lead-up to your evening’s featured event.

Whether you need to entertain a dozen people or a thousand, Kevin has a show that’s right for you. The charm and amazement that come from his close-up magic are brought to the stage where audiences can experience impossible occurrences on a larger scale. Kevin’s stage show is highly interactive, so many audience members get a chance to participate. Cheers of laughter and gasps of amazement will be heard as Kevin reads the minds of multiple people at once and even puts his most precious tools – his hands – at risk in a suspenseful demonstration of Russian Roulette with a six inch nail!